Buying Agent’s guide to decorating with colour.


Colour is so important to our ability to express ourselves and where better to make our mark than with our homes. Kelly Hoppen may say greige, taupe or elephant breath. The middle classes may fawn, (pun intended), over Farrow and Ball’s downpipe. The Notting Hill set may worry that Nigella’s duck egg blue clashes with Jamies new pink range. But it doesn’t rattle these people…

Just think how delighted the neighbours must be with these splashes of colour in the neighbourhood.

it is of course the blending of complimentary colours that is so important.

To be really up to date one needs to blend neons and ice cream colours seamlessly

But back in the 1970’s that was less important – easy access from the kitchen to your horse was the pressing matter.

Oh, and we’re back again to that ‘ice-cream palette’.. or possibly the ‘macaroon palette’. I’m getting pistachio with palm of violets and a frisson of lime. Note lovely storage units for fast access to Alka Seltzer.

Patterns must not be underestimated when unleashing the power of colour, especially when mixing and matching with textured floor coverings.

and textures are so important. There is nothing quite like satin for bringing deep jewel colours to life. Particularly liking the contrasting orange table cloth.

Also, don’t be afraid of using window dressing. I grant you that stick on stained glass is ‘a little out there’ but nothing ventured…

and when decorating childrens rooms, it’s OK to stick to primary colours but do make sure that the wall mounted guns and ammunition work together.

…and finally, bang up to date, this London home encompasses the grasping of the eclectic design nettle. Tricia Guild must be kicking herself she didn’t come up with this Designers look… Oh.

…. loving the attention to detail of different curtain panels and the subtle introduction of gilt. Wow, just WOW

So, there you have it, my guide to enhancing your life and in these examples, mine, with colour.
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My AGA saga……..a conundrum

Will the duck egg blue, aubergine and greater spotted AGA be discarded from our Notting Hill basement kitchens? Will the Cath Kidston tea towel ever look as good hanging from an eco-bling stainless steel goliath? The AGA accessories and the Nigella powder blue ones –  what about them?

Do Prius do ovens?

What will the blue, red and cream ones, nestling in Cotswold kitchens be replaced with? Can you bring a lamb to life in a Neff super range without roasting it? Will the labrador leave home? Where to warm the welly liners?

Seems the AGA is the big non-green and terribly un-jolly green giant lurking in kitchens across the land

A dilemma indeed. Should one be admired for ones real or quasi-farmhouse kitchen or risk scorn from eco friends?

What’s it to be?

I’m torn between aubergine and duck egg blue