Most Estate Agents are Twits…. Discuss.


The cry has gone up. You can hear Rupert’s and Darren’s across the Land of Property . ‘It’s all about Social Meedja, innit? That’s the future, innit? We better ‘ave a bit of that’ And the Twitter account is set up.

These Twitter accounts then wallow or thrive in one of three states.

A. One tweet .. Helloo!, we’re here on Twitter, please follow us… Never to be heard from again.

B. Tweets once a week with a stream of all their listings.

C. Talks to people, posts interesting links and shows a personality.

So, let’s take A: The dead Twitter account

I can visualise what has happened. They have a little poke around and there are opinions out there. Opinions scare the heebeejeebee’s out of them.

‘We daren’t have an opinion or we’ll offend all those potential and existing clients’.

‘It’s too risky, we might screw up our corporate branding’.

‘Best put all our Tweets through PR dept. first’.

Perfect examples are Hamptons, John D Wood, Savills and to a slightly lesser extent Knight Frank. Major players in the World of Estate Agency with a plethora of dormant or damp squib accounts with no influence at all on Twitter. Whilst spending millions on PR & marketing they are missing out on one of the most cost effective and influential tools of our time.

Now let’s take B: The, ‘Ooh, I’m on Twitter, what do I do now’ account.

Hmm. In this case, (and I have first hand knowledge), the Twitter account is passed to either the IT Dept. or the Office Administrator. Not in itself the death knell of tweeting but damn close. What are they going to say? Are they going to discuss the market? Are they going to give an insiders view on real time valuations. Are they going to discuss new innovations that could be useful to others? Are they going to engage in banter with their industry colleagues? NO. Generally, they’re going to set up a timed Tweet generator and pump out their listings, because that’s what they’re comfortable with and feel safe doing.

C. The ‘They’ve got it right’ account.

The ones I bother to follow. Someone is tweeting who is in the thick of the business, can engage with others and is imparting a warm/intelligent / knowledgable representation of the business and the industry. These are the businesses who are going to raise awareness of their existence and generate business as a result.

Question: Why go on Twitter?

Let’s cut the fluffy stuff, we’re in business, it’s mainly to make money. Secondly, to learn about what the hell’s going on out in the industry. If you do it right, you will achieve both.

Do’s and Don’t’s


  • Only send out tweets and never reply or retweet.
  • Constantly tweet your listings.. trust me NOBODY is interested.
  • Tweet that the market is fab when we all know it’s rubbish.. Honesty =Trust and we all hate Pollyanna’s.
  • Think that these ‘we’ll get you millions of followers’ sites work. They’re pointless.
  • Time your tweets to go out at certain times. People will think you’re a Bot.. and they’d be right.
  • Give the ‘Tweeting  job’ to the office junior.


  • Retweet or reply to people if they have said something interesting.
  • Have conversations.
  • Have the courage of your convictions and tell it how you think it is.
  • Do research and throw interesting articles into the Twitterverse.
  • Talk about what is happening right now in your market.. we’re interested
  • Ignore the ‘SM Guru’s’ who say don’t tweet personal stuff or that you’re watching X Factor. It’s fine in small doses, people like it.
  • Show your personality. People do business with people they like.