My AGA saga……..a conundrum

Will the duck egg blue, aubergine and greater spotted AGA be discarded from our Notting Hill basement kitchens? Will the Cath Kidston tea towel ever look as good hanging from an eco-bling stainless steel goliath? The AGA accessories and the Nigella powder blue ones –  what about them?

Do Prius do ovens?

What will the blue, red and cream ones, nestling in Cotswold kitchens be replaced with? Can you bring a lamb to life in a Neff super range without roasting it? Will the labrador leave home? Where to warm the welly liners?

Seems the AGA is the big non-green and terribly un-jolly green giant lurking in kitchens across the land

A dilemma indeed. Should one be admired for ones real or quasi-farmhouse kitchen or risk scorn from eco friends?

What’s it to be?

I’m torn between aubergine and duck egg blue