About The Buying Agent

After long experience as an Estate Agent, I (Tracy Kellett) set up BDI Homefinders to use that insiders knowledge and experience for the benefit of buyers and renters in the murky world of UK property.

Set up over 8 years ago, it is now one of the most respected and certainly the least stuffy property search agency in the South-East. The team and I work with all kinds of people from first-time buyers and investors wanting one bed flats, to squillionaires in Mayfair and all sorts of wonderful folk in-between. As a judge on the Sunday Times Estate Agency of the Year awards and the Primelocation best property blog winner, I think I know a bit about UK property.

Non-elitist, we are here to give everyone the opportunity to have an expert working on their side.

Working as a Buying Agent across London and the south-east gives a wonderful helicopter view of the whole property market – far more useful than the tiny geographic spread and local knowledge of Estate Agents. And delivered without bias and self-serving interest.

This blog  draws on this overview to try to bring to light what is really happening on the ground- now.

However, the role of the Buying Agent is not merely about property- it is about people and the stresses,  strains, emotions and general nuttiness tied up in moving home. In my mind that is far more interesting a topic to focus on, therefore, that is my remit.

Follow me on Twitter: @buyingagent

and if you would like to discuss me working on your home search .. there’s more information at http://www.bdihomefinders.co.uk email: info@bdihomefinders.co.uk or call for a chat on 0330 022 9307



2 thoughts on “About The Buying Agent

  1. Dear Tracy Kellett

    My family and I couldn’t be further from the South East (!) —we are in the North West—renting in an affluent part called Formby (L37).
    I came across your site via an article I read in the Guardian (24th October) and thought you had got it right on the nose—- BUT if you were a potential buyer in the North West would YOU buy or continue renting?

    • Hi Marie,
      If I take a completely non-emotional view of it then common sense would say stay in rented for at least another year or until interest rates start to rise- when that happens there will (sadly) be a big increase in distressed sellers and more stock means lower prices. However, this doesn’t take into account the ‘pleasure’ of owning your own family home and if you are looking at living in something for 10 years plus and you can fix a good mortgage deal now, then any price falls will be irrelevant in the long term. If however you are quite enjoying what you are renting I would stay put for a year or two. All the best. Tracy

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