Buying Agent writes property feature for News of the World


The woes of Candy Black the professional Wag continues with yet another shocking scandal. This time Candy, who became infamous through her sex romps on Big Brother has been romping it up in her wag-pad. Her blinged up palace in Cobham, bought just before the property-crash, was the venue for a gathering of division 2 footballers and top presenters from our favourite TV station Dave. And Keith Chegwin.

Our hardened under-cover reporter was there and was shocked by what he saw.

In the gold-tapped cloakroom, bowls of eco-friendly condoms. Tissues made from recycled materials.

In the marble floored lounge.Ice buckets filled with organic English champagne.

Outside, the heart shaped swimming pool – solar heated.

Has the ‘one of us’ Candy become yet another eco-idiot? Conned by all this global-warming clap-trap? Is  eco-bling the latest must-have in wags-world?

… or is this just another example of political correctness gone mad?


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