What we need is another property portal…

Are you finding that there aren’t enough property portals to feed your need? Me too, I think there is definitely some room for more. Portals which take a slightly different look at the market. Portals which allow you to sift out the dross and leave you with just what YOU want. Some money-spinning ideas based on what my clients ask for…

http://www.pinkhouses.com (opportunity here to expand into different colours)

http://www.prettyhouse@50%belowmarketvalue.com (because it really isn’t an oxymoron)

http://www.flatswithreallyhotblokenextdoor.com (dead handy this one…I’d have an RSS link)

http://www.onlywantareallygooddeal.com (don’t we all)

http://www.propertiesthatdon’t suck.com (possibly limited by lack of suitable properties)

http://www.londonflatsyoucanswingacatin.com (of course I’m not actually suggesting …)

http://www.flatswhere_youcannothear_thembonking_upstairs.com  (not all people would actually want this)

http://www.silentplaceswithnearbywaitrose.com (or Starbucks)

http://www.onlyoffmarketproperties.com (courtesy of @londonagent – all commissions paid in cash)

http://www.houseswithnicebigkitchens.com (for the  ‘knit your own yoghurt’ set out there).

http://www.housesthatfeel.airyandhavelotsof.light.com  (SO important)

http://www.checkwhatyourhouseisworth.com (of course would need caveat of half a million either side)

http://www.wina2millionpoundhouse.com (well, don’t YOU want to?)

http://www.flatsnextdoortoKylie.com (true case, so I know there’s a market for this one)

http://www.housesthatdon’tsmell.com (a personal favourite)

I think I may just have struck gold here….this time next year etc …..but do please bear in mind copyrights and meeting with Digital Property Group are of course pending.


2 thoughts on “What we need is another property portal…

  1. Great post, had me chucling away. On a serious note though (the same note I clicked the link on) I recently came across a new portal http://www.homein.com it really focuses on the simplicity and makes it easy for the buyer/viewer

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