What @iamamro really wants …

For the non-Twitterers among you, I should explain that @iamamro is the coolest dude on the Twitter block. A benign yet insightful, contemporary Sherlock Holmes. An Academic with esoteric tastes. I felt the need to re-house him into a befitting environment. After all it is my job. I present @iamamro’s new home….

Black cast iron  railings lining the path to the door

Black and white tiles to ….

Red front door with highly polished brass furniture

An original Edwardian mosaic tiled hallway

Polished oak, ornately turned banisters

Stair rods …. brass of course

Stained glass oriel window on half landing

Enamel hip bath

Black and White tiles on the bathroom floor

A cistern above the W.C. with a ceramic Delft pull.

A parlour with William Morris wallpaper

A book-lined study overlooking the garden

Picture rails- with Scottish landscapes and ancestral oils hanging from brass chains

A garden with lupins, hollyhocks, roses and stepping stones

An Arts & Crafts bench beneath a gnarled old apple tree

A coal fireplace – with Edwardian tiles and chiming clock above

A broad mantelpiece above the fire to accommodate black-tie invitations

An AGA for toasting crumpets – Royal blue of course

A deep butler sink for soaking the silver

A pantry to store oat cakes, Nanny’s greengage preserves and Dundee cake

A boot room for shooting & fishing paraphernalia (with cat flap).

A spacious bedroom to accommodate the heirloom big brass bed

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