What Estate Agents are really saying….

Not going to bother with the obvious ‘compact and easy to maintain’ stuff, lets delve a little deeper.

When an Agent tells you:

The Vendor will look when he has an offer… he will only move if some idiot pays him more than  it’s worth.

The property had an adverse survey but the problem has been fixed… yeah right.

Yes, the property has been on the market a while but we haven’t been fully marketing it… Nobody wants to buy it

40% below market value….. well, sort of..not saying which market

Three bedroom house …two bedroom house.

small garden… patio.

The Vendor is open to offers.. he’s desperate.

The Vendor is open to offers .. even he is laughing at the asking price.

The Vendor is keen to get near to asking price …he’s an awkward sod.

The Vendor will not move for less than asking price … he’s a REALLY awkward sod.

The property has been up-dated ..two tins of magnolia, some Ikea laminate and a B&Q kitchen.

That damp patch on the ceiling was a one-off leak ….it’s got an upstairs wet room- you may as well just leave the taps on.duh!

Luxury bathroom …one of those bloody green glass sinks that just about holds a puddle.

Luxury kitchen … Vendor splashed out on Wickes instead of B&Q.

It has potential ….. no, actually it’s horrid.

Competitively priced …  well, it’s a catchy phrase innit?

Yes, the price is ‘full’ …. the Vendor came up with the price

The Vendor is on holiday, can’t show until he’s back …. The Vendor hates me and won’t trust me with a key.

With useful loft conversion ..if you’re a midget.

Characterful property for someone … full of spiders

Interesting Architect designed property …. odd

Could benefit from some updating .. the swirly carpets are sticky.

The vendor is prepared to negotiate on the hot tub … Hee hee. I know what he’s been doing in it

The Vendor may take some specimen plants with him …. five Polish guys are booked to strip it bare

All planning permissions and building regs are in order … we hope

The vendor has eclectic tastes … he’s barking.

It’s an interesting property .. it’s really, really wierd.

Previous buyer pulled out due to ill health … yeah, the survey gave him a heart attack.

I am not keen to insult the Vendor with your offer … I know he will shout at me and he’s scary

I have a property that might interest you .. Highly unlikely


4 thoughts on “What Estate Agents are really saying….

  1. In need of modernisation – In need of demolition

    Popular area – The police make regular visits

    Friendly village atmosphere – nothing to do after 4 o’clock

    Glimpses of the sea – If you’re standing on the wardrobe

  2. That’s really funny! And also very useful to know… I think my favorite recently was ‘suitable for a DIY enthusiast’. Wow. I would hate to imagine just how much of the house is falling apart…

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